What to do when you need to make a Homeowners Claim


If you have had damage to your home, make sure to collect the following information:

  •  If possible, protect your home from any further damage
  •  Asses what kind of damage was done to the home
  •  Where is the damage coming from (i.e. from a hail storm, fire, burst pipe, etc.)
  •  Pictures of all damage to the home and belongings in the home
  •  Asses whether damage done by water was due to rising water from an outside source (i.e. bayous overflowing) or from another  source (i.e. bathtub/ sink overflow, burst pipe, etc.)
  •  We highly suggest having a professional come out and asses the damage before a claim is made 


Should you have any questions or concerns about how to file your claim, or what your deductible is, please call 713-283-5202 or 281-210-1177